A member company is looking for partners for the distribution of its products in Spain, Portugal, France, BeNeLux, Germany and  Austria for the following therapeutical class:

·         Anti-inflammatory

·         Respiratory

·         Blood circulation

The products concerned are: 

·         Ketoprofen lysine salt line, brand SOLKET, three presentations: 40/80mg sachet with emidose (RX, systemic); 1,6% mouthwash (OTC); 0,16% throat spray (OTC)

·         Levo-cloperastine fendizoate, brand PRIVITUSS, two presentations: 100ml and 200ml bottle oral suspension 0,4% (currently RX, could be registered as OTC if 100ml)

·         Sulodexide, brand ANGIOFLUX, two presentations: 600 ULS injectable ampoule; 250 ULS soft gel capsule (RX)

·         Beside sulodexide, they can propose their VENOPLANT line composed of 5 different presentations, non-drug-based formulations: food supplement in tablet, cosmetic in gel, cosmetic in patch, medical device Class IIa in gel for trauma and in gel for proctology