Our member is a Leading OTC  company on the French market (250 M€) which produces, distributes and promotes  Pharmaceutical products, Medical devices and food supplement with medical background.
They have in France a direct sales Force of 130 Pharmaceutical Representatives.
They are the N°2 producer in Europe for Sterile Unidoses - current capacity over 1.2 Billion Unidoses.
Products are already available in 50 countries through distributors and affiliates.
Focus and expertise are in the following Area : Paediatrics / Cough & Cold/ Dermatology /Ophtalmology and Women Healthcare.
They propose for distribution Sterile single-doses  & Sprays for Respiratory, Ear hygiene, Oral care, Anti-lice.
They are especially proud of 4 Unique & successful products:
Marimer Inhalation : Concentrated  Sea Water 2,2% -  Hypertonic Solution in sterile Unidoses approved for Aerosoltherapy. 
Actisouffre :  Spray with Sulfur & Saccharomyce Cerevisiae Solution for treatment of Rhinopharyngitis & Rhinitis.  
Allergyl : HPMC 800mg Spray for the treatment & prevention of Allergic Rhinitis.
Auricularum :  Drops for the Treatment of Autitis externa (97% efficacy with a combination of 2 synergetic antibiotics + 1 anti inflammatory + 1 anti fungal).
They  are looking for partners ready to distribute their products in Pediatrics, Dermatology  & ENT Segments.
They are also looking for in licensing (France, Belgium and some of their affiliates in East/ Central Europe) Unique products in Cought & Cold, Paediatrics Dermatology /Ophtalmology and Women Healthcare areas.

We will welcome and forward all interesting business proposal to our member!