On the 16th of June 2021 Europharm participated to the 8th EFSA Rountable with Industry Associations

The meeting’s objectives were mainly to demonstrate to the stakeholders the adaptations that EFSA has being going trough in order to implement the new transparency regulation - all of them available on EFSA Site namely:

  • Studies platform- NoS System ( Notification of Studies)
  • E-submission Food Chain Platform (for Novel Foods for instance)-with the remark that for each study submitted, the ID number must be provided, if not a public study. At the moment 38 applications have been submitted.
  • Confidentiality and Copyright Protection
    • The request must comply with each of the substantive requirements. In this case a major requirement has been introduced for the pesticides industry
    • Before the documents were confidential by default, and now for that to happen, a request is mandatory. In this case, the Portalino portal ( proprietary prtal) also contributes to this program.
  • Also in the new transparency regulation the submission of voluntary data is to be published by EFSA, after of course the scientific assessment.
  • EFSA has also presented the EFSA administrative guidance documents, and update of IUCLID (for pesticides).
  • EFSA has been developing a webinar program with a subject per month, to support the stakeholders. Also a SME Open day is in plan, but no available data yet.
  • It has been presented the state of development of “Safety assessment of dietary sugars”, which has been requested by 5 Nordic Authorities in order to define a Safety Upper Intake Level for those
  • SPIDO (Science studies and Project Identification and Development Office) team has presented the strtategy for next years, namely the NAMs- New approach methodologies in risk assessment.
  • The “Farm to Fork” tactic has been presented as one of the most important program by DG SANTE (EC) over “Strategic Activities”. Other include Sustainable Food Systems, Responsible business and marketing practices in sustainability; food Waste and Food labelling Iniciatives.
  • Some remarks were made for “Chemical Strategy Implementation and collaboration with other agencies”, namely in order to implement “European Green Deal.

The meeting Agenda, list of Participants and all presentations are now available on EFSA’s website.

Please access the files here:https://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/events/8th-roundtable-industry-associations .

A new meeting should be in place in 2022.  Let us know if as Europharm member, youwill be interested to participate on behalf of Europharm.