A Europharm member company focuses on the field of addiction medicine.

Their main products are methadone and levomethadone, single dose oral mixture for treatment of opioid addiction. This is a growing market, as the illness only achieved patients’ rights in the last years, and still many people did not receive treatment.

This company has marketing authorization in 12 European countries for a spray used as a first response for reversal of suspected opioid overdoses.

In addition to being one of two suppliers to the European market, they also have a design winning and design protected packaging, making this product the preferred choice among users of the spray.

Our member company has a very strong knowledge of the European addiction market and they are looking for partners in the EU. Their marketing team will be able to support you to ensure a successful launch.

If you are interested to enter into this market and to know more about this product, please send an email to ave@europharmsmc.org with the reference AV230920A.