Why to become a Europharm SMC member?

Europharm SMC is the official representative of medium-sized pharmaceutical companies at European level.

Europharm SMC provides reliable information to its members and defends their interests towards the European authorities and stakeholders’ meetings.

Europharm SMC gives you a lot of business opportunities all year round by organizing specifics B2B meetings, workshops and master classes.

Europharm SMC gives you the opportunity to promote your company, your products and your services all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Services and supports for Effective and Supportive Members

  • You publish your company profile on www.europharmsmc.org and you receive an access to all information's on the Intranet section.
  • You send your business proposals or requests for products, collaborations and services to our entire database of more than 2,200 contacts.
  • You receive assistance and support for the search of products and partners.
  • You receive our electronic newsletters as well as all business proposals on a regular basis.
  • You are granted access to working groups (Regulatory Affairs, business...)
  • You have a vote at the General Assembly (not for supportive members).

Additional Premium Members services and support

  • You receive a tailor-made Assistance and support to find potential partner across and outside the EU countries during the all year.
  • You can influence the regulation at European levels and be invited by Europharm to participate at EMA stakeholders meeting.
  • Your point of view is defended
  • You receive support and assistance for finding manufacturers in one of the EU countries.
  • Setup of your product registration file for registration in EU countries or for export: partnership proposal with specialized expert consultant to evaluate the dossier, to make recommendations for compliance and to put it in format ad hoc.
  • Assistance for the search for qualified and certified consultant in one of the EU countries or for one or more international target countries.
  • Assistance in the search for financing of R & D projects in one of the EU countries.
  • Support for finding informations on the target market(s) (Market access, regulation, etc.).
  • Legal assistance for the creation of a local entity, subsidiary or liaison office in one of the EU countries and helps to find offices.

To apply for membership please e-mail the membership registration form to ave@europharmsmc.org 

Thank you !