To promote and to assist companies in developing cooperation and synergies with partners across national borders. 

This objective has a purely business perspective and focuses on activities to support our member in the business development of their enterprises by providing them with specific and personalised supports and services such as:

  • Assisting and stimulating contacts between companies by organizing periodical meetings, forums etc.
  • Promoting business opportunities  such as joint ventures, licensing in-out, outsourcing, joint financing etc., by which SMEs will enhance their competitiveness in the knowledge-based economy.
  • Providing an intranet forum (portal) for the sharing of information in areas such as, research, promotion and marketing,  product registration and regulatory framework, scientific information, industrial investments and technology, e-commerce etc. 

To contribute in the achievement of a favourable economic and regulatory framework for the development of medium-sized pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

This objective focuses on pharma policy and regulatory framework. Europharm will have here a priority role in representing and defending the interests of pharmaceutical SMEs.

As stakeholder at the level of EMA and EFSA and among the European institutions Europharm ensures that the concerns of its members are considered and incorporated into the agenda for discussions.