Will Pharma is an independent, family-owned, medium-sized pharmaceutical company with  solid presence in Benelux. With 100 years of experience Will Pharma has created a unique position in Benelux pharmaceutical market. Our extensive network allows us to move quickly inside the healthcare environment. Our success is based on strong and long-lasting collaboration with carefully selected partners. Will Pharma provides sales and marketing activities in Benelux supported by a strong quality and regulatory department.  Will Pharma also export a range of products around the worl.
In rapidly changing geopolitical situation pharmaceutical industry faces multiple challenges.  Escalating costs result in the high cost of research and development, coupled with stringent regulatory requirements, all these factors drive up the price of pharmaceuticals. This results in expensive medications and reduced accessibility, which can burden healthcare systems and limit patient access to essential treatments.
SMEs should join forces to face those circumstances and therefore Will Pharma strongly believes that through alliances or partnerships, pharmaceutical companies can pool their expertise and resources. By doing so they can combine their knowledge, experience, and ideas and fast-track the drug development process. 
We are looking for companies:
Interested to join their forces in order to either acquire new products, or share costs of research and development, regulatory requirements and to do development of projects in a consortium and share risks and profits.

How to contact us?

Dr. Karlygash Abildayeva
New Business Development Manager
 Will Pharma | Rue du Manil 80 | 1301 Wavre | BE
M: +32 472 91 12 57