An innovative OTC healthcare portfolio

An innovative OTC healthcare portfolio, focused on naturally transforming pain management globally.
At CanNordic, we specialize in manufacturing and selling medical devices infused with therapeutic cannabinoids.

We seek to improve people’s quality of life by merging innovation, science, and nature within healthcare.

With extensive research, outstanding clinical trials (Phase III), and over 550,000 products already in use, we're now poised for a rapid global rollout.

Our Pain Patches deliver cannabinoids directly to the source of pain, and offer effective, long-term pain relief in muscles and joints.

We're actively seeking partners to join us in expanding access to our Pain Patches. Whether under our Cannasen® brand or through private label solutions, together, we can enhance pain management options worldwide.

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Production and ingredient sourcing are European-based, with headquarters located in Copenhagen.

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Direct : +45 53557442