As Europharm Swedish member has a product under development as treatment for plaque psoriasis.
They have been granted an EU patent for the formulation.

  • The product benefits are:
  • Unique formulation with a concentration of 0.025% solution, instead of 0.05%   
  • Pleasant odor
  • Alcohol free
  • Easy dosing
  • Clear and stable solution
  • Spray gives easy application and well absorbed
  • Shelf life of three years
  • Aclozol is an original and exclusive concept based on a unique combination of ingredients
  • Available in a 300 ml plastic bottle with a tamper proof cap
  • Represents a complete management of signs and symptoms of severe Psoriasis.

They also have a basic file, to be supplemented including with a clinical study.

As this project does not fit into their areas of interest, they are
Interested in finding a suitable firm to take over the project.