Stakeholder Meeting Report

Date :  1st March 2023

Participant(s) on behalf of Europharm:       Margarida Baretto, Technophage   


02. Draft Agenda_CTIS Forum_01-03-2023_2
03. Draft Minutes_CTIS Forum_12-10-2022
04. CTIS Forum- CTIS Operation Update_01.03.2023

04. IMPD-Q-only trial 2023-02-28

05. CTIS Forum- Delivery Update_01.03.2023

05. CTIS Forum-ACRO Sponsors PO feedback(3)  -  Read-Only

06. RMP status update

07. CTIS Training and Communication - CTIS Forum_01-03- 2023

08. Communication campaign results_Salvador Ruiz_2

09. 20230301_ACT EU update_CTIS forum

10. AOB CTIS as Data provider Primary Registry CTIS Forum meeting_01-03-2023 final


The discussion that arose under agenda point 4- CTIS Operations Update was quite interesting.

Given the relevance of topics, such as the IMPD-Q, it was suggested to prepare a specific workshop to address this issue.

I also highlight the presentation of topic 5- ACRO Sponsor PO Feedback, which reflects an exhaustive compilation of the main issues raised.

At this point, the need for, among other issues, the standardization of requirements among the different authorities was highly valued. This point is decisive for the attraction of EC in Europe.

 According to the agenda, the next meeting will be on May 4th. 2023.