About us

We, axunio Pharma (GmbH), have been distributing pharmaceuticals in our home market, Germany, as well as in the UK, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands since 2016. Our WHY is to recognize the person behind a disease and provide them with better medication access.

We make medicines affordable with our products, ensuring a solution for as many patients as ;possible worldwide. Diseases for which few affordable alternatives are particularly close to our hearts.

Our products, therefore, focus primarily on therapeutic niches and rare diseases. We have made it our mission to uncover needs that have been overlooked and, in the spirit of holism, to include minorities and their special requirements because every person is worth having access to therapy! To achieve these goals, we develop many medicines in our own research & development laboratories.

In addition, we source therapeutically important products from external partners. In distributing our products, we follow the known distribution channels while continuously questioning them and sometimes taking new and courageous paths. Only in this way can we always guarantee the maximum added value for patients.
About our products
We have 14 products on the market. While those refer to several indication areas, our indication focus is primarily on CNS and oncology when in-licensing products.

We are however always open for interesting and challenging cases beyond those indications.

About our interests

We are primarily looking for niche products in oncology and CNS.
By “niche, ” we are not only referring to limited competition but particularly to a limited number of prescribing physicians.

Without an own sales force, we create tailored and smart marketing communication strategies that do not require a big sales force but aim to build up close and personal relationships with KOLs for a specific disease.

Next to our product interests, we are also looking for strong partners:

  • Firstly, companies that are interested in selling their brands in UK for our own presence in UK.
  • Secondly, companies with an expertise in marketing non-tender products in the Nordics.

How to contact us?

Julia von Horsten
Business Development Manager

+49 040 38023214


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