Naveh Pharma Ltd. is a Pharmaceuticals Company established in 1996, specializes in its advanced

R&D, manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical and healthcare products with unique


Since its foundation, Naveh Pharma Ltd succeeded in developing and manufacturing an impressive product profile consisting of dozens of unique products currently marketed globally, as privet labels mainly by leading pharmaceutical companies and sold in all segments of the market.

The company specialized in dietary supplements and Medical Devices. The supplements based on own patented Postbiotics composition, Magnesium Molecule extracted from the Dead Sea in Israel proven to be the most bioavailable magnesium in matter of intracellular absorption and herbal extracts such as of Saffron indicated to balance Mental health, treat depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder for mental health.

In Medical Devices, Naveh specialize in ENT preparations with leading ear sprays for common ear disorders such as accumulated ear wax, ear infection, ear pain and itchy ear.

Naveh Pharma Ltd Launch at in 2024 the revolutionary POSTBIOTICS PLUS line of products.

Postbiotics is actually the next generation of probiotics, at least 200 times more effective that any probiotic supplements.

Postbiotics is actually the active immunogenic metabolites excreted by the good bacteria. One gram of our blend there are 7.5 trillion cells compared to few billions in probiotics (1 Trillion = 1,000 billion!)

Postbiotics is one-step ahead of probiotics in modulating gut microbiota, increasing immunity, protect from diseases, helps in weight management, cognition, and much more.

All healthcare products are available as Privet Label and sold to the largest pharmaceutical companies in dozens of countries.

The company has GMP, ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO22000 certificates.

Leading Brands:

Postbiotics Plus - The next generation of probiotics immune support in capsules for adults gummies for children and syrup for babies.

Magnox™ Composed of unique patented magnesium molecule extracted from the Dead Sea in Israel and has been formulated based on this recent scientific breakthrough.

Saffrox™ - A new 100% natural advanced antidepressant composed of Saffron, turmeric,magnesium and vitamins.


– Eearwax removal spray.

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