Paladin Pharma is a prominent Italian company with over 30 years of expertise in nutraceuticals and dietary supplements, recognized as a leader in the Italian market for weight loss and drainage products.

Paladin Pharma's extensive catalog boasts over 150 SKUs, catering to a diverse range of human health needs. With a product assortment that includes vitamins, solutions for better sleep, and treatments for managing cholesterol.

Located in Turin and Milan, Paladin Pharma's offices operate in conjunction with our manufacturing facility near Venice.
Paladin Pharma  exports its products to over 10 countries across three continents, and our offerings are fully customizable to meet the unique requirements of each client.

This includes personalized packaging designs, logos, and branding with the client's own company name and even new formulas designed specifically for the client, thanks to our R&D department.

How to contact us?

Carlo Del Popolo, Pharm.D
Export Manager & Business Development
Phone: +39 011 6565616
Mobile +39 366 743 2071