Pharma Line...over 35 years of success

PHARMALINE is an Italian pharmaceutical company founded in 1987 in Mantua and in 2013, moved its headquarter to Milan, the main economic reality of the country.

PHARMALINE  develops pharmaceutical associations between active pharmaceutical substances and different formulations creating effective synergies for an innovative therapeutical approach.
PHARMALINE values are based on respecting people’s well-being providing safe and effective products, optimising the quality of our offerings and enriching our portfolio to find solutions to unmet medical needs and an ambition that thrives growth every day.
PHARMALINE  Portfolio consists of medical devices and food supplements that cover all the main therapeutical areas (from respiratory, circulation, reproductive, neurology to gastroenterology).
PHARMALINE  oversees the entire production process, from research and development to marketing and medical activities, outsourcing production and logistics to leading suppliers who guarantee the best quality at every stage.
Design and formulation of products follow strategic logic aimed at maximizing effectiveness and safety.
The products are based on accurately curated dossiers and are supported by rigorous international scientific literature and clinical experiences.

PHARMALINE  is UNI CEI EN ISO 13485 certified; all production processes are made in Italy and follow international GMP standards.
Today in Italy, PHARMALINE  reaches over 50,000 healthcare specialists, with 30 office staff, 12 area managers, 7 product specialists, 130 medical representatives and 15 pharmacy agents.
Since 2014 PHARMALINE  has opened its doors to the international market with an Export department to guarantee effectiveness to patients, specialists in the sector and partners around the world, maintaining the highest standards of technology, competence, reliability and competitiveness.

We have since reached more than 5 million products sold worldwide and expecting an 85% YOY growth in 2024!

We are looking for companies:

PHARMALINE  is always looking for new Partners that are interested in our portfolio proposition particularly in in-licensing projects. We would love to collaborate with partners from all over the world, whether distributors or pharmaceutical companies,  who share the same values and work ethics. 
Currently we are spread over 5 continents and 88 countries.

How to contact us?

PHARMALINE  export team includes the export sales manager, two business development managers and two key account managers available for any information or support needed.

Daniele Collosi
Export sales manager

Alessandra Oluwole
Business development manager