We healthcare all your needs!

PharmaLink is a dynamic company based in Barcelona focused on the development and manufacture of innovative medical devices and food supplements according to the most up-to-date pharmaceutical quality standards.

Created with the aim to design, develop and manufacture ready-to-market products for your Brand, Pharmalink’s passions is to ensure people’s wellbeing thanks to the synergistic combinations between plants, vitamins and minerals.

We provide comprehensive support across product development, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, production, logistics, and marketing.

You can check our portfolio here: https://qrco.de/bcUC7N

What are we looking for?

We are looking for partners with strong knowledge of their market looking forward to expanding their business with ready-to-market, innovative, effective and safe medical devices or food supplements. 
If you are a pharmaceutical company, a pharmacy chain or a distributor who wants to license-in, distribute or codevelop a formulation, let’s start a conversation!
How to contact us?
You can send as an email to info@pharmalink.es